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COD Mandate

The mandate of COD is to work on building support capacity of local actors in the Republic of Serbia and other countries of Southeast Europe during transition period, in order to enable all marginalized groups, with a special focus on people with disabilities, enjoying their fundamental human rights and equal opportunities.

History of the Organization

COD team members have come from different backgrounds but majority has been dealing with improvement of public knowledge and understanding of vulnerable groups, with special focus on diminishing discrimination and prejudice in South East Europe region. COD is working with persons with disabilities – PWD’s and DPO’s, people living with HIV/PLHIV, associations and service providers for disabled and PLHIV community as well as parents associations.
COD is the organization working since 2008 on providing support to local coalitions of disabled people organizations. Through the development of Local Action Plans in field of disability we focus on the inclusion of disability issues in the process of creating a local policy. Out of consultancy process, coaching and mentoring of local DPO coalitions COD works on outlining specific measures that need to be taken to ensure the full participation of people with disabilities in all fields. Through the whole process of development of LDAP’s our partner organizations are working on awareness raising of local communities and in parallel lobbying towards local, regional and national governments for social inclusion of all persons with disabilities, including children with disabilities. We are working on promotion of Local Disability Action Plan as an instrument for equal treatment and life free of discrimination on local level. By equal access to infrastructure and services, people with disabilities, like all other citizens, in this manner enjoy full political, social, economic and cultural rights.

For the moment COD is working with 9 local coalitions of disabled people organizations, representing 60 DPO’s from 13 municipalities, from all 6 regions in Serbia: province of Vojvodina (north), Belgrade (capitol and surroundings), Drina Region (west), Sumadia Region (central), Krajina Region (east) and Nisava Region (south). This is a pioneering program in Serbia that started with implementation in 2008 in cooperation with Handicap International – HI and Swedish Organizations of Persons with Disabilities International Aid Association – SHIA.

By direct cooperation with organizations of persons with disabilities and organizations of people living or affected by HIV / AIDS, we have identified a lack of information in this field. We organized COD Email Information System, which has existed for four years. We maintain two email lists: COD DISABILITY Info and COD HIV Info. In the beginning, users of this information service were disabled people’s organizations, organizations of people living or affected by HIV / AIDS, then providing services for people with disabilities and PLHIV community. Starting as a purely informative initiatives, with a focus on local organizations, COD Email Info System has expanded its influence to other relevant stakeholders such as local authorities, social welfare centers, members of political parties, national governments and today it covers more than 300 different participants in Serbia. This system can serve as a very good tool for dissemination of information related to various campaigns and news and has already gained a reputation among the actors in the field of disability.

During 2010 we developed the training program on the support to the implantation of UN Convention for rights of persons with disabilities – UNCRPD at the local level and development of tools for monitoring.  It has been organized five three-day trainings for representatives of coalitions of about 200 organizations of persons with disabilities and representatives of local authorities from the 35 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

A part from organization web page (www.cod.rs), COD is managing two more web pages: Disability Monitor Initiative (DMI) for South East Europe web page (www.disabilitymonitor-se.org) and Disability info web page (www.invalidnost.info). The second one is aiming to promote UN Convention for rights of persons with disabilities – UNCRPD and local disability action planning in South East Europe. This web is still in preparation, uploading of documents and accessibility testing period.

Within the scope of promotion of rights of persons with disabilities and promotion of implementation of UN Convention on rights of persons with disabilities (UNCRPD), we translated, published and distributed easy to read UNCRPD and its Optional protocol in Serbian language. We are in process of fundraising for its translation on national minorities languages in Serbia, on Serbian sing language and voice recording of convention in electronic form.
In the end of July 2010, COD in partnerships with National Autism Society of Serbia and University of York, Toronto, Canada, we made agreement for opening Regional Centre for Eastern Europe for monitoring of human rights of persons with disabilities. This center is a part of bigger global initiative. Regional Centre started working in beginning of November 2010 and has secured two years funding at the moment.

Governance Structure of the Organization

COD has organizational Assembly, Board of Directors, Executive Director and Advisory Board. Regular meetings of Assembly are once per year.  Board of Directors has four  regular meetings per year and, if needed, extra meetings. President of the Board of Directors is President of organization. COD Board of Directors is consisted on five persons. Executive Director is in charge for daily management of organization programs, contact with stakeholders, fundraising and representation of COD in public.  Advisory Council of COD was created in Jun 2010. There are five persons in the Advisory Council, from COD or externally with experience in Human Rights, Disability, HIV and/or Development programs. Executive Director is a member of Advisory Board.



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