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“Towards European value – persons with disabilities as equal citizens”

In August this year, Center for Society Orientation started the project “Towards European value – persons with disabilities as equal citizens”, as a partner to Serbian Association for Promoting Inclusion which is leading organization in project implementation. The aim of the project is to contribute to full integration and civic participation of persons with disabilities (PwDs) in the society with regards to EU democratic values and principles. The specific objective is to develop the model of comprehensive empowerment of persons with disabilities, with specific focus on persons with intellectual disabilities, to be able to take active role in creating inclusive democratic societies and to influence policy making processes at national and EU levels which affect their well-being. The project will use the experiences and knowledge from the field of inclusion and civic empowerment of PwDs across the EU member states and EU accession countries in order to enhance democratic participation of all citizens including those who are on the margins of the society. The project will open the space for deliberation on key services and tools for equalization of opportunities for the most marginalized layers of society to participate in processes of public policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, on an equal basis with other citizens. More precisely, the project is focused on organizing educational workshops, debates and dialogs for and among PwDs from 7 countries (Serbia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), including service providers and self-representative associations, on the issue related to self-advocacy, volunteering, work integration services and social entrepreneurship. All thematic areas will be tackled through exchanging the good practice examples from all partner countries, exploring the needed prerequisites and possible pathways to emulate good practices in partnering countries. Strong transnational component of the project will be mirrored in the equal representation of service providers and PwDs in all project activities from all partner countries.

The project is one year project funded by EU through the programme Europe for Citizens.

For more information please contact Violeta Andjelkovic violeta.andjelkovic@cod.rs

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