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About Europe Regional Centre

European Regional Centre is established in partnership of Centre for Society Orientation (COD) and Serbia Society of Autism. The role of Regional Centre is to monitor implementation of UNCRPD through country monitoring projects applying methodology of holistic monitoring and to empower local DPOs and networks of DPOs and raise their capacities in field of monitoring of human rights of persons with disabilities. By creating the holistic reports on situation of human rights of persons with disabilities in countries, where the monitoring projects are being implemented, the real perspective on situation of persons with disabilities will be obtained and priority areas will be recognized in order to imrove further lives of persons with disabilities and to ensure their full and equal participation in societies.

At this moment, country monitoring projects are being implemented in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldavia. Projects in Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia are in planning phase.

Regional Coordinator: Radoš Keravica

Rados Keravica

Radoš Keravica studied economics at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of economics, Department for European Economics and Business where he was awarded a BSc degree in 2009. At the moment, he is just completing an MSc degree course within the same department. During his studies, his research related to functioning of institutions of the European Union, common EU policies, process of EU integration as well as political and economic aspects of the EU.

Since 2006, Mr. Keravica has been actively involved in the NGO sector as a member and volunteer of the South Backa District Association of Dystrophy. As a volunteer in this organization, he worked on projects related to employment, transport, overcoming of prejudices, and stimulation of scientific and medical research. In 2008, he became a member of the Supervising Board in this organization tasked to control organization functioning, its finances, and to create financial reports.

In 2007, Mr. Keravica began volunteering in the Center for Youth and Social Development RES POLIS, a youth organization which deals with youth policy and problems in general. After 3 years of volunteer work on projects tackling issues such as: non-formal education, promotion of youth achievements, active participation of youth in society and youth employment and entrepreneurship, he became Main Board President of CYSD RES POLIS in 2010. Mr. Keravica also worked on the preparation of the Local Action Plan for Youth of Novi Sad in the area of youth employment.

During his engagement in the NGO sector, he was also trained in strategic planning, voluntary management, writing projects proposals, running the project’s cycle, public representing, as well as lobbying and fundraising at various institutions in Serbia and abroad.

Contact Information
Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica 17/5, 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia
Phone: +381112120177 / +381646498117
Email: rados.keravica@cod.rs, eerc.drpi@cod.rs

Europe Regional Training in Kanjiža, Serbia



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  • Volja za životom
  • BG Centar
  • Udruženje MS N.Kneževac
  • Udruženje “S tobom za njih”
  • Gradska organizacija gluvih Beograda


  • Udruženje Plegije – Nikšić
  • Udruženje mladih sa hendikepom- Kotor
  • Udruženje za pomoć hendikepiranim licima- Bijelo Polje

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Udruga distrofičara, invalida CP i DP i ostalih telesnih invalida


  • Cocus


  • Ann Marit Saebonnes, Assistant to the UN Special Rapporteur on Disability
  • Ljiljana Igric, Graduate Program in Critical Disability Studies, University of Zagreb
  • Fredrik Stockhaus, SHIA, Sweden
  • Sonja Vasic, Handicap International, Palestine

Speakers at Opening Ceremony (in addition to speakers from the above organizations)

  • Nyilas Mihaly, Mayor of Kanjiza
  • Nevena Petrušić, Commissioner for Equal Opportunities
  • Vesna Petrović, Executive Director of Belgrade Center for Human Rights
  • Marija Rauš (Special Advisor on Human Rights)
  • Marcia Rioux (DRPI Co-Director)
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