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Inclusion, Innovation, Human Rights

Project: Inclusion, Innovation, Human Rights?

In June 2013 Center for Society Orientation – COD together with partner organization Future Without Fear – FWF initiated the project “Inclusion, Innovation, Human Rights” funded by European Union office in Kosovo trough European Instrument for European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.

Why project: Inclusion, Innovation, Human Rights?

Because our society is not accessible for needs and rights of persons with disabilities

The overall objective of the project is to enhance capacities of K-Serbian minority civil society, for better governance in the domain of protecting and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities from Mitrovica & Štrpce regions.

Specific objectives:
SO1. To strengthen the capacity of community based and disabled people organizations
SO2. To increase the efficiency of cooperation among local stakeholders
SO3. To introduce recent European recommendations in the field of human rights with focus on rights of persons with disabilities

Direct target groups:
15 DPOs and CSOs and persons with disabilities
12 civil society actors that will pass TOT training program
180 participants of training program for local stakeholders

Indirect target groups:
There are no official statistic data on minorities in Kosovo. Estimations are that there are around 40.000 inhabitants (forty thousand). All of them, including their families will be indirect target group.
At least 3 local TV stations that will be involved in the media campaign

Final Beneficiaries:
Persons with disabilities & their families, DPOs, other CSOs & policy makers

The expected results of the project:

ER 1: Team of trainers in the field of disability rights from K-Serbian minority areas created and affiliated with other disability initiatives in region of Southeast Europe. In total 12 participants will attend 12 training days divided in 3 TOT sessions;

ER 2: Local stakeholders from K-Serbian minorities from Mitrovica and Strpce (DPO’s, CSO’s) are familiar with human rights standards and good practice in the domain of disability, including the main preconditions and operational tools for good governance in this domain, in total 180 participants on 12 one day training/workshops;

ER 3: Eight local advocacy campaigns implemented for promotion of different aspects of inclusion of persons with disabilities in the society, as a tool for equal socioeconomic development;

ER 4: A disability rights forum is created as a non-formal body gathering different civil society groups from K-Serbian minority areas and the links between this forum and other regional and European forums/networks are established

ER 5: Obtained comprehensive insight in the field of rights of persons with disabilities– produced monitoring report on the living conditions of persons with disabilities from K-Serbian minority areas in Kosovo in Serbian, Albanian and English languages.

ER 6: Improved visibility of PWDs – 2 short video produced and broadcasted on at least 3 local TV stations covering K-Serbian areas, 350 distributed reports, 2 round tables.

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