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Scaling up peer education programs in the field of HIV/AIDS

Scaling up peer education programs in the field of HIV/AIDS

Center for Society Orientation – COD is a social, humanitarian, non-for profit, nongovernmental values based organization. COD has registered branch office in Kosovo* couple of months ago in Štprce/Sterpce, and covering whole Kosovo. Main areas of work of COD are disability, HIV/AIDS, support services and human rights.

Necessaries of exist this project is that Kosovo* is mostly inhabited with young people and that young people are most at risk from HIV transmission due to a lack of knowledge’s gained from school curricula and traditional patriarchal society where discussing sex related issues is taboo, especially in the rural areas. For the moment there do not exist exact data on number of infected people with HIV in Kosovo* due to a very low prevalence of HIV testing. Experts considers that infected people number are growing from day to day because lack of education programs and low level of knowledge, bad financial situation and event in past. Making youth educator’s teams society will get necessary power that can take fight against plague of 21 century. During the training youth will get necessary knowledge about HIV/AIDS and develop basic didactic – methodical skills for knowledge transfer to another young people.

On the end of training successfully estimated participants who showed their self-ready for this serious mission will take “HIV/AIDS educator” vocation and take activity on the field against AIDS. In the future their activity will be based on education of the same age person and giving support to HIV infected persons and their families.

COD team together with partner organization Future Without Fear – FWF plans to continue activity of development mind about HIV/ AIDS problem and making connections among different national community for union on this general problem. Training will implemented based on the agenda presented bellow in the project documents and will last for 5 days.

The favorite goals in project are:

  • Professional medical and psychological education students about HIV/AIDS and preparing them for activities on educationally actions.
  • Support to development of new generation of peer educator on HIV in the region of Štrpce/Shterpce
  • Development student’s mind about discrimination problem and society role for including people living with HIV in general society current.
  • Preparing students for “falling down discrimination” activities and protection HIV infected person on the global system.
  • Getting chance to young people for inclusion in humanitarian activity. It will help them on growing field and develop their spirit making them useful members of society.
  • Raising awareness of general population about the problem of HIV/AIDS
  • Popularization using condoms like basic protection of HIV and other sex transfer sickness.

This program will take ability to many young people, and they will by their enthusiasm, creative, power and new knowledge take contribute to keeping down HIV transmission in their area.


The main activities within the frame of this project are following:
A1. Preparation activities, choosing the project team, agreeing on project methodology and frames of action
A2. Announcement of call for participants and selection of participants
A3. Implementation of five days training for new generation of peer educators
A4. Peer education activities including:

  • Peer education in schools
  • Peer to peer education with young people out of schools, dissemination of IEC materials
  • Organization of Anti AIDS party
  • Marking 1st December, World AIDS Day in Štrpce/Shterpce
  • Organization of open tribune with the topic of HIV and ways of transmission of HIV
  • Movie presentation with the topic of persons living with HIV and their rights and open discussion after the movie.

This project is continuous activity of COD and FWF aiming to educate new generation of youth people about importance of HIV/AIDS protection.

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