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Centre for Society Orientation – COD have pleasure to present you a report: “Position of persons with disabilities in Serbian community in Kosovo”

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The purpose of this report is to provide more information on the situation and needs of persons with disabilities in the Serbian community in Kosovo. The report aims to identify the key problems that the PWDs face in everyday life, as well as the existence of support services and other important factors that facilitate daily life and affect their position in society.

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Holistic reportHolistic report on monitoring of rights of persons with disabilities in Republic of Serbia represents comprehensive review of the position of people with disabilities in Serbia, uniting the three elements of holistic monitoring: monitoring of individual experiences, systemic monitoring and media monitoring. Based on the monitoring of individual experience and interviews with 60 persons with disabilities, through qualitative analysis, 5 „hot areas“ have been where discrimination and denial of rights occur the most often. These are: accessibility – physical and information and communication,  welfare system, education, work and employment and health protection.

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