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Linking the HIV/AIDS and disability

Linking the HIV/AIDS and disability is also one of the long term goals of COD. This project started as an investment of Handicap International into building of organization capacities of membership organizations for persons with HIV and PLHIV from 2007 to 2009. Part of this effort was a study visit to Romania to explore examples of good practices of service provision and networking for persons with AIDS/PLHIV. Following this, jointly with organization “Čovekoljublje” and IAN, COD founded the PLHIV Union of Serbia in 2009. COD participated in a consultancy process of creation of National Strategy on HIV infection and AIDS of Republic of Serbia. In this document creation COD is advocating for mainstreaming of disability into the strategy and accomplishing that persons with disabilities are also recognized as population at risk of HIV and fighting that PWDs are not neglected in terms of their sexual and reproductive rights and their access to education, availability of health services and social protection and relevant health information and programs of prevention, as well as the same quality standards of free and accessible health protection, provided to other persons. COD is also cooperating closely with IDDC- International Disability and Development Consortium task group for HIV and disability in order to develop common agenda for inclusion of disability into HIV policies and programs. Persons with HIV/AIDS will be further involved into the holistic monitoring based on DRPI methodology and will provide their point of view to the overall reporting.

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