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Social services

WHY SOCIAL SERVICES for people with disabilities?

System of services, as support to persons with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia, is still prevalent institutionalized, with a relatively limited range of community-based services and support measures on local level. The process of decentralization of funding and jurisdiction (from republic to municipal level) is initiated. But, monitoring of its implementation by organizations of persons with disabilities, as wall as other organizations dealing with persons with disabilities is needed, particularly referenced to rights of persons with disabilities. In terms of delivering social services there is a significant number of examples of good practices and pioneering initiatives in Serbia.

With regulated and existing support services for persons with disabilities can exercise their rights in the field of equal socio-economic development. With the existing range of social services people with disabilities are unable to take full part in our society.

From July 1, 2011 Center for Society Orientation – COD in partnership with The National Associations of People with Autism of Serbia, The European Association of Service Providers for People With Disabilities – EASPD, Centre for Inclusive Society – CRID, the municipality of New Belgrade and the International Aid Network – IAN, implemented the project “Social services for people with disabilities to support equal socio-economic development.” Implementation of the project was supported by the European Union within the framework of the program “Support to civil society.”

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