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Disability Rights


Monitoring of human rights of persons with disabilities in Moldova November 1, 2012 Representatives of COD had a first visit to Moldova and partner Association “Motivation” from Chisinau between October 30 and November 2, 2012 within the project “Monitoring of Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Moldova”, implemented by “Motivation” in partnership with COD….

Bosnia and Herzegovina

National training in Bosnia and Herzegovina for monitoring Project name: UN Convention – Shadow Report as Chance for People with Disabilities in BiH October 17, 2012 Trough the two years project called UN Convention – Shadow Report as Chance for People with Disabilities in BiH, the 7 day training for monitoring of human rights of…

What is Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI)?

DRPI is a collaborative project to establish a comprehensive, sustainable international system to monitor human rights of people with disabilities. Monitoring is an empowering activity because it: provides a voice to marginalized groups enhances public awareness by documenting abuses and violations reinforces a collective identity among persons with disabilities supports efforts to achieve social justice…


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