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DRPI country monitoring project in Montenegro

January 31, 2012
National training for building the capacities of persons with disabilities and their organizations in field of holistic monitoring of implementation of UNCRPD was held within DRPI country monitoring project in Montenegro. It gathered 28 persons with disabilities that will take a role as monitoring executors in this field over upcoming year of project realization. Training was held from January 22 untill January 30 in hotel Queen of Montenegro in Bečići, Montenegro. Photos from training can be found on following link gallery (linkovati ka sekciji Gallery).

Jun 30, 2012
Within country monitoring project in Montenegro the process of monitoring of individual experiences of persons with disabilities is being implemented in three municipalities: Podgorica, Bar i Bijelo Polje. 100 persons with disabilites will participate in sample interviewees. The goal of this element of holistic monitoring is to be heard the opinion of persons with disabilities and to gain insight in particular cases of discrimination that persons with disabilities are faced with in Montenegro. Further steps should be taken in order to improve position of persons with disabilities in this country.

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